Is NAMA membership for you?

Members include advisers, consultants, lecturers, researchers, inspectors, SLEs, ASTs, examiners and publishers.

* Regular newsletters, and be kept in touch with current mathematics education initiatives.
* A relevant and stimulating annual conference where you can network with others in the same field of work.
* Regular Saturday CPD events tailored to your interests.
* A website forum to debate with a group of like-minded professionals.
* A national register for you and your business.
* A DBS and identity card service.

Do you promote high quality mathematics learning and teaching at local and cluster levels?  We are the only organisation serving all your needs.

The annual membership fee is £45 (£55 if paying by cheque) and you can pay via PayPal or by bank card through this site, or request an invoice.
We ask you to set up a standing order for future payments. Subscriptions are collected annually on 1st September.